Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello again.....its been a long time..... but theres been lots going on.The Big Band UK dates went down a storm.The show was a new departure as it featured the fantastic Camille O Sullivan on guest vocals as well as Shane Mc Gowan. Shane also was on top form and while the dates were great,Manchester was the highpoint for Sharon and the Gang. Camille debuted the single with Sharon Mama Lou, a cajun type song, written by Shane.This went down a treat.Look out for a digital release of this in Ireland in June and UK in July. Camille is incredible...check her out! This will be the first single from Sharons new collaboration....working title Saints and Scoundrels,scheduled for release in September.
Some tracks have already been recorded Mama Lou above, a song with Shane...and some others.Recording is continuing at the end of May at Poets Corner Studios. Hopefully the album will be completed by early July.
Sharon has been busy writing and also been involved with various projects in the Galway area.
There was also an incredible show at the Olympia on May 1.Richie Buckley was missing from the big band line-up, but Mike Mc Goldrick came over from Manchester for the night and musical proceedings to a new high!! Joining Sharon on the night also was Shane Mc Gowan and Jerry Fish with Carol Keogh made a surprise appearance with two song from his new album! incredible. Speaking of surprises the great Seamus Begley arrived ,fresh from New Zealand and gained some new fans.Mundy also showed up,beaming with pride over his new daughter Eden and gave a rousing version of Galway Girl at the end with all on stage,including Shane and Jerry who were chasing each other around the stage.
There also was a great night of music for Leo Healy at Massimos,Galway on May 6th.No Banjo were the house band and were joined by Sharon, Camille, Seamus Begley, Eleanor Shanley, The Brennan Sisters, Don Stiff,Steve Gormally, Kelvin and Niall, Greg Cotter and Donogh Hennessy.
What a night!!

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