Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back from Malawi 29 Jan 09

Hey, just returned from Malawi last night after a 12 day visit. I have been sponsoring a music teacher for Umoza Childrens group at st John of Gods Centre, Mzuzu Malawi. These are street kids that are being educated at St John of Gods.

Last year I recorded a CD with Umoza and Justin Adams (producer of Tinariwen and guitarist with Robert Plant) added some percussion courtesy of two Zimbabwean percussionists, some guitar parts and Sharon also added some accordion parts.

I also brought over a film crew to cover some dance performances from the group as well as a documentary on the whole St john of Gods centre in Mzuzu and the associated Wells4Zoe project.

My youngest daughter Emily,accompanied me as part of a project for transition year at her school, Newpark Comprehensive in Blackrock, Dublin.

The ultimate idea is to bring these talented kids to Ireland in 2010.I will be getting some photos up soon and in a few months time, I will stick up a DVD of one of the tracks.

I returned last night and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of coverage given to Sharon and her Meteor Lifetime Honour Award.

More updates later.


  1. Your link to Shannon's website has a typo.


    Seán in Bailianhe.

  2. Is this a Dunford from the Shankhill Dunfords> I am hoping someone could perhaps pass on this short note from Jacko of the Ballyfermot Jacksons now living in a higher level of luxury and splendor. I'm at the very top of the poverty chain and selling shares to my closest and dearest friends who might want to rise above their station and join me perhaps miss Sharon might be interested. I miss your wit and wisdom and was greatly worried that you might have done the unthinkable and got yourself a real job.
    I hope you get this or someone can pass it on to you. Love to hear from you

    Sean Jacko

    e-mail or somewhere on facebook Sean Jackson